Country: 🇺🇸 United States
Born: 1979
Joined: June 26, 2009
Rank: Master Monkey


bandandit joined DM on June 26, 2009. Prior to joining he was a member of the Trusted community which helped administer the Ogros/TC/PSL servers. It was here that he met |DM|Colo, with whom he formed an instant friendship, and was eventually convinced to join DM.

bandandit has taken many hiatuses from the game and community over the years since, but did come back in 2015 for a brief period of time and joined the Sauerworld team. During this short stint he created such content as  “SauerQuiz,” “Flashback Friday” and “Dear Captain Cannon.” Ultimately the high demands of the publishing world became too stressful which resulted in bandandit disappearing for several more years until his most recent emergence in late 2020.

He now enjoys playing occasional mix and intern games with his clanmates, and is known to dispense not particularly helpful oldhead wisdom when no one is asking for it.