Month: September 2018

Cedii* joins forces with DM

A little while ago we welcomed new German blood and Sauer-allrounder 🇩🇪 Cedii* to our team! 
He’s been around this game for long and is known for his chill attitude and showing impressive skills when it comes to dueling and dominating in clanwars with his team. His sneaky rifle is nothing to scoff at, and his effic performance is very much a force to keep an eye on. 
While his friendly track-record throughout the game just reaffirms his amicable nature, have no doubt that should you face him in the battlefield, serious damage is about to be inflicted upon you. 

A big welcome to the team and happy fragging!

DM becomes even cooler!

Just in time for our anniversary celebration, we are excited to surprise you with our clan’s latest addition. 
He is one of Sauer’s most distinguished veterans – having consistently refined his skill throughout his stays in [mVa], vaQ’, |sp4nk| and other known fragging clans. Besides his excellent fighting capabilities, he was involved as part of the sauerworld team and currently hosts the SauerDuels Tournament which regularly offers a place for the competitive community to face off in nailbiter duel matchups. 

Rebooting an application from years ago, it was today that Canadian star 🇨🇦 Frosty finally joined DM.

Welcome to the squad and full speed ahead!