Author: Dangerous Monkeys

Can You Frag it Like This – Run[tDMC|

In the symphony of culinary pairings, some combinations emerge as harmonious duets, effortlessly dancing across taste buds and tantalizing the senses. Picture the timeless alliance of peanut butter and jelly, a sweet and savory pas de deux that has stood the test of time. Or perhaps envision the classic rendezvous of ham and cheese, where the salty and creamy notes create a culinary love story that transcends generations.

Just as certain ingredients find their soulmates in the culinary world, so too do some connections transcend the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of perfect pairings. Enter the realms of Sauerbraten, where skill, strategy, and camaraderie reign supreme. Within this arena, two of Sauerbraten’s most venerable clans, tBMC and DM, have embarked on a journey of collaboration, giving rise to the formidable entity known as tDMC.

The origins of this partnership can be traced back through Sauerbraten history, with the first documented use of tDMC echoing through the virtual corridors of Sauertracker in August 2015. A team of Skillz, swatllama, and 🇺🇸 Lokio, visionaries in their own right, planted the seeds of this alliance, setting the stage for a partnership that would stand the test of time.

Yet, it was during the Sauerbraten Competitive League (SCL) in January 2021 that tDMC etched its name in the annals of Teamplay greatness. In a display of skill, coordination, and sheer determination, the formidable team of swatllama and Lokio ascended to the pinnacle of success, securing a first-place finish that resonated across the Sauerbraten community.

The collaboration between tBMC and DM under the banner of [tDMC| signifies more than just a merger of clans—it symbolizes a synergy of talents, a union of minds, and a shared commitment to excellence. As echoes of their triumph reverberate through the competitive landscape, the legacy of tDMC stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in the ever-evolving world of Sauerbraten, particularly in in light of low player counts and chronic clan inactivity.

Welcome Tex!

(Verse 1) 🇳🇿 Tex from NZ, Sauerbraten king, In 2010, he began his swing. Anyson clan, where he once stood, Took a break, but now he’s back for good.

(Pre-Chorus) But wait, in 2021, a twist in the tale, Tex’s comeback story, set to prevail. DM clan, a new chapter begins, In the gaming world, where the real fun begins.

(Chorus) Tex, sharpshooter with a Kiwi pride, In the gaming world, on this wild ride. Insta’s his game, but he’s on the rise, From the Southern Cross, hear his battle cries.

(Verse 2) 2021, love for the game reborn, DM clan, a new family sworn. From insta to effic, skills on the grow, Tex’s comeback, stealing the show.

(Pre-Chorus) But wait, in DM, he found his place, A new home, a familiar face. Tex in the mix, a force to be seen, In the virtual arena, he reigns supreme.

(Chorus) Tex, sharpshooter with a Kiwi pride, In the gaming world, on this wild ride. Insta’s his game, but he’s on the rise, From the Southern Cross, hear his battle cries.

(Outro) Tex from NZ, in the gaming scene, Back and bolder, a Sauerbraten dream. In the DM ranks, he’s second to none, Tex’s story, now truly begun.

Scuba Dives Back into the Deep Blue Sea

We regret to report that our friend 🇺🇸 Scuba has decided to depart DM in search of a more active clan where he can better hone his skills. We will miss his presence and thank him for being a dedicated stalwart of the clan for over the last three years! We are more than certain he will impress a new squad with his abilities in no time.

In other related news, we made a timely scientific advancement prior to Scuba’s departure. We secretly collected a sample of his DNA involving a very complicated Nigerian Prince scam (don’t ask), which allowed us to fabricate a clone that we’re calling “Snorkle.” We’re not making any promises, but he might be our future key to success. Watch out for him, and our other active Dangerous Monkeys, on a server near you!