Welcome Nymeria

The year was 1991. A baby was born in a hospital (or it could have been on a tiny branch way up in a tree – we’re really not sure) located somewhere in a landlocked state in the southeastern region of the United States. No one really knows much about this child as she grew up, aside from the fact that she had a strange enthusiasm for purple warhead candies. Fast forward a bunch of years she starts playing Sauer and, like most of us, is ensnared by public iCTF rugby and enjoying the occasional chicken enchilada (hopefully not at the same time).

Then on January 8th, 2023 she officially joins DM and the world rejoices with glee. In a single day, effic becomes her favorite mode, despite having personally admitted that she just learned how to play it. Even still, the future burns bright with this one, now embraced by the embers of her new clan. When asked about his new clanmate, Frozen Rain excitedly said this:

Today at 4:26 PM

[4:26 PM]
oh you said Nym
[4:26 PM]
[4:29 PM]
Well, she’s a promising player, who has continued to get better at the game. I look forward to playing games with her. I think she will be a great addition to the Dangerous Monkey Legion.

Yes Frozen, as do we.