Country: 🇳🇿 New Zealand
Born: 2000
Joined: November 11, 2023
Rank: Dangerous Monkey


Tex, the Kiwi ninja of Sauerbraten, disappeared in 2015, probably on a secret mission to perfect his battle cry. Fast forward to 2021, he reemerges with a love for pixels and a grand plan – joining the Dangerous Monkeys clan on November 11, 2023. Dangerous Monkeys? Is fragging now a primate pastime? Did he mistake it for a wildlife documentary? Well, maybe fragging foes is just another kind of monkey business for Tex.

Outside of Sauerbraten, Tex enjoys many sports– from the finesse of football to the chaos of rugby. He’s currently training for the Kiwi Olympics: frags in the morning, rugby in the afternoon. In his downtime, Tex time-travels to classic cinema. Black and white, no pixels – just like the good ol’ days when fragging meant something entirely different. Musically, Tex grooves to hip hop and drum and bass. Picture this: Tex, the Kiwi, dropping rhymes and frags simultaneously – a multitasking maestro.