trackpad joins and Lokio wins again!

A warm welcome to the latest addition to our roster: Sauer veteran 🇺🇸 trackpad, formerly of the pWn clan, has joined us! Happy fragging in DM, mate!

In other news, 🇺🇸 Lokio won his SECOND CONSECUTIVE SAUERDUELS FFA CHAMPIONSHIP yesterday! After beating Tay|Z in his first match-up, he lost to raffael, but reached the final regardless by then defeating clanmate 🇩🇪 Plata, starch, and 8-time ffa champ Redon. In the best-of-3 final, he again had to face w00p powerhouse raffael, where he prevailed on his opponent’s pick metl3, winning by 1 frag. He then closed him out on paradigm, winning the series 2-0, his second ffa title, and third SauerDuels title!

Congratulations, we’re proud! 🎉🎉

See the bracket and results here:
Also watch notas’ stream to recap:  

Again, thanks to the SauerDuels organizers for a smooth tourney and to notas for his coverage!

Eleisa joins DM!

During DM’s summer spike of action, we just welcomed a new member to the clan! 
After having a successful comeback with many nice duels to date, she is ready to take to the battlefield with DM, and her efforts to raise DM’s activity through – together with others – convincing some members to actually play the game, have already paid off in multiple fun intern games! 
We’re happy to announce that 🇳🇱 Eleisa is now part of the team, and are amazed at this newfound activity.