DM has turned 10 years old!!!

On this date exactly 10 years ago, DM saw the light of the day for the first time. Let’s travel back in time and enjoy this quote by our founder 🇮🇹 cockabilly, detailing what led to the creation of this clan:

Once upon a time there was a n00b clan called ICC (Italian Cube Clan), they were a bunch of kids spamming on servers: “are you italian? cool, add ICC to your nick”. In a cold rainy day I was caught in their trap: “yes, I am teh hottest italian player”. I didn’t know that the only requirement to join them was to be Italian, suddenly I found myself deep in a darkened forest, for I had lost all trace of the straight path, i was sorrounded by n00bz without any chances or interest to improve.  

Just a few of them were nice guys and good players: Ery, 🇮🇹 RockKeyman🇮🇹 Kanata, Meister (sp4nk), Cometa (aka Shinki, sp4nk).these cool people left Italian Country Club, after countless defeats, poor showing etc… a dumb dude asked me “HOW DO I CHANGE MOUSE SENSITIVITY?????” (caps, of course), a light bulb appeared over my young head… I don’t want to play only random public games, I want to play with cool people, I want to play PSL… Ery said: “Let’s start a clan!” 

– cockabilly, written on DM’s 1st Anniversary

What started out as a fun idea between two friends quickly evolved into a competitive clan, establishing itself by dominating throughout tournaments, in clanwars and duels and continuously shaping and contributing to the community to this day! We would like to thank everyone for always maintaining a welcoming and healthy atmosphere, and we are happy to keep on competing versus new players and clans as well as the older ogros – frag you in the battlefield! Here’s to another 10! 🍺🍺