Impromptu Clan Reunion

In what some would call a small phenomenon, 10 members of |DM| were found together on the same server yesterday participating in some epic intern matches. This was particularly noteworthy as the games consisted of both veteran and newer members alike, many of whom have not played in a very long time, and some who had never even played with one another before this.

Teams were organized as veteran DMs vs. newer DMs. Despite some hard fought games and a few close finishes, the majority of games went to the newer team who continue to show promising excellence for the future success of the clan. 

One spectator during yesterday’s games pointed out that they’ve never seen that many DMs at the same time before. And quite frankly, it’s been a long time since we have either. Perhaps it’s time to change that, so keep an eye out on the servers for more DM encounters, and maybe one day you’ll be lucky to witness it yourself!