Lokio wins FFA GOLD!!

In the most recent iteration of SauerDuels, 14 players fought for the prestigious FFA trophy, with 🇺🇸 Lokio repping DM among a field of high-profile allrounders like 🇨🇦 Frostyraffael and Gangler. 

As Lokio didn’t drop a single game in the elimination round, he stayed in the winner’s bracket until his first-ever FFA grand final, securing his place on the podium. It turned out that after meeting each other in the semis already, he would face Frosty in the grand final again! 
The first of the bo3, corruption, was a nailbiter on its own, when Frosty had the upper hand for the majority of the game to build up a respectable lead over Lokio – only for Lokio to stage an insane, last-minute comeback and win the game with the last quad. After a hard-fought metl3 which went to Frosty, Lokio dominated his last pick (paradigm) to WIN his first FFA title!!  🎉🎉 ggs! 

See the bracket and results here: https://sauerduels.me/events/sd29-ffa.html
Also watch notas’ stream to recap: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/456040797 

Big thanks to the SauerDuels organizers for a smooth tourney and to notas for his coverage!